Lifetime Botanicals


The first known instance of herbs being collected for the purpose of ingesting them took place 60,000 years ago. Recent archaeological findings appear to indicate that even way back then, our Neanderthal relatives living understood the many ways that herbs can heal and soothe the body. So raise a cup to the past!

Or, use our herbals to concoct your own custom tea blends.


Lifetime Botanicals is a direct importer/supplier of bulk herbal ingredients to the tea, food, cosmetic and beverage industries in the United States, Canada and South America. Our botanicals are sourced from some of the most sophisticated processing companies in the world. The plantations are located hundreds of miles away from busy industrial cities in a pollution free atmosphere with Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Farming methods. All botanicals are 100% natural and produced from scientifically identified superior varieties with high levels of nutrient-rich compounds. Private label available.