Try a different twist on your favorite tea! We've put together some tried and true recipes that are sure to satisfy. 


How To Prepare The Perfect Cup Of Matcha- Enjoy this simple recipe for making the perfect cup of matcha


Matcha Kale & Peach Smoothie- Combined with the superfood properties of kale, this smoothie is the perfect healthy start to the day. Natural fruit sweetness mixed with a crisp vegetal flavor, and just a hint of ginger for boldness.



Matcha Ginger TeaA potent pick-me-up for those cool summer nights, our Matcha Ginger Tea has a mild, yet pleasant bite that pairs well with the rich flavor of Matcha.



Matcha Mint Iced Tea- A crisp and refreshing Matcha iced tea with a hint of mint and lime, perfect for a healthy treat anytime.



Matcha Hot White Chocolate- Whether it's a cold winter night, somber rainy day, or just an everyday morning, this version of the green hot chocolate will be sure to fill your cup with a sweet and flavorful Matcha delight for all ages.



Matcha Custard Pie- Smooth and creamy, our Matcha custard pie features delicious, traditional custard paired with the aroma and gentle flavor of Izu Matcha green tea. This pie would be a welcome addition to any dessert table all year round!



Matcha Smoothie- Whether unsweet, sweet, mixed with dairy milk, or your favorite nondairy milk, Lifetime Tea's Matcha makes perfect smoothies you can enjoy from the comfort of your own kitchen!



Chai Iced Tea- This spiced blend of Kenya Black Tea Matcha and cinnamon is a sure-fire treat for tea enthusiasts. A delight not only for the sweetened latte lover, but also the health-conscious tea drinker.


Gluten-Free Matcha Muffins- Add these delicious little delights to your morning breakfast to get your day started off right!



Matcha Latte- Swap out your morning coffee with matcha for an antioxidant boost.



Matcha Bavarian Crème Christmas Cake- Our Matcha Bavarian Crème Christmas Cake is a delicate combination of a matcha-infused Bavarian crème and airy meringue cookies. Serve yourself a slice!



Orange Peel & Sweet Honey Rooibos- With a delicious citrus infusion and a bit of sweet honey, this Sweet Honey Rooibos provides a bold and refreshing flavor that makes the perfect evening treat when it's time to unwind and reset.



Lavender Berry Rooibos Smoothie- A tart and fruity blend of Lavender Berry Rooibos and berries, this smoothie is great for those who like to add a little fun and adventure to tea time.