Wholesale Accounts 

We believe that a high minimum order quantity is one of the biggest challenges many small and start-up businesses face. Investing in large quantities of products without knowing how well they will sell is usually a great deal for the manufacturer but not always a good deal for you.

Our relationship based philosophy is simply that it must be win-win. Our success is predicated on the success of your business which is why we encourage you to START SMALL!!

Rather than having a room full of inventory, put your start-up capital into places like; cash reserves, marketing, web design, social media, giveaways, community events and many other places that will help generate sales and keep your company strong. Our 'start small' model is designed to help you ramp-up production as your sales increase.

We are your number one fan and fully vested in your success.


Here is how it works:


  • Minimum order - 25 units of each tea

  • Minimum dollar amount of your total order - $1,200.00


Example -

  • Wholesale price of one tea - $6.00 (retail price $12.00)

  • 25 teas to a case = $150.00 per case of one tea.

  • You can launch 8 different teas for the start-up price of $1,200.

  • In this model you will only manage as little as 25 units of any one product. 

  • This can be adjusted to 5 different teas with 50 units or 1 tea with 250 units. You get the idea.


Our wholesale product pricing is set up to apply tiered volume discounts to your order at checkout.

For example; If you order 10 cases of teas (250 units) you will receive an 8% discount on your entire order. This discount brings your cost per unit down to $5.52. The more you buy the lower the price.

Question - Why do you offer your wholesale pricing to everyone?

Answer - If you have made it to this page there is a pretty good chance that you are somewhat interested in learning more about getting into the business of selling your own brand of tea. We believe most educated consumers want to do their research and due diligence before selecting a supplier. Understanding the wholesale pricing is a key step in this process. No need to fill out extensive forms with personal information at this early stage in the process.



Because we are a relationship business we want to contact everyone we do business with. Future orders can be placed on this site without any direct contact with our representatives. On your initial order we would like to speak with you directly to discuss your business goals and insure we are providing the best product choices to meet your needs.


In order to insure we have the proper foundation for a strong working relationship, we have created a Memorandum of Understanding. This MOU outlines the parameters for our working relationship and should address many of the questions and concerns you may have about getting started in your business. 

Prior to completion of your order we ask that you acknowledge reviewing this form.

As you go through our products please make notes of any questions and contact us directly .

We are committed to your success and look forward to building a great working relationship with you!