First Flush 2018 Spring Harvest


The term Flush refers to the new growth on a tea plant consisting of a full complement of leaves. It takes about 15 - 20 days for bush to flush after plucking.

Premium teas are also often classified by Flush, or the time of year when tea leaves are plucked. Each Flush is determined by the geography and climate of the region where the tea is grown. 

First Flush is defined as the very first plucking of a tea plant's harvest season.

Each Spring beginning in the first weeks of April and continuing through the end of May the first teas of the new season are picked.

There is something we find extra special about these teas of Spring. There is a certain aroma that denotes freshness and a taste that is unique to Spring.

Perhaps what we have come to appreciate most from these teas is the pride that goes into the plucking and processing.  

We are excited to share this 2018 Spring First Flush Harvest with you.

First shipments will be arriving to us in the first weeks of May.