Tea is the perfect gift

Trust us — there's nothing more fun to shop for... or more exciting to receive.

Tea puts a smile on everyone's face.


Tea for the office

Imagine your workplace stocked with Lifetime Tea. People will start smiling more. Productivity will increase. Everyone will look forward to Monday mornings, so they can come back to the office and enjoy their favourite tea. Get in touch to set this magic up for your office today.


Corporate gifting

Want to thank a colleague, congratulate someone on a job well done, or just get a head start on holiday shopping for your clients? We'll give you a hint: everyone loves tea. Which means they'll love you even more.


Party favors

Throwing a big party? A wedding or anniversary, perhaps? (Congratulations!) Tea makes for a fun, tasty party favour or thank-you gift. And the best part is, people will smile and remember your big day everytime they steep a cup.



Contacting us

For quote requests, please include billing and shipping information, as well as the quantity of items you'd like to purchase, and the date of your event. Prices subject to change.


For more information or to request a quote
E-mail: info@lifetimetea.com
Phone: (866) 998-4779