How to Sell Private Label Lifetime Tea using




In this section we will show you most of the basic information you need to know so that you can set up and begin selling your private label Lifetime Tea on Amazon using the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) method.


If you’re looking to build a profitable online business that generates passive income, then Amazon provides a great platform for a small start- up business to launch a new line of teas.


Lifetime Tea has been using Amazon’s platform for years, drop-shipping private label teas for our customers. Many of our new customers have questions and do not know where to start. A small business person may feel the whole process of selling on Amazon can be overwhelming and not bother.


Our goal with this section is to walk you through the basic steps of how to sell on Amazon FBA so that you get an overview of how the entire process works.


We have video training on this subject. Be sure to click this link and subscribe to our YouTube channel at 'Lifetime Tea' to get immediate access.


5 Steps you need to know before selling tea on Amazon


1. Find a Supplier or Manufacturer to Private Label Your Product – Your supplier will be the lifeblood of your business. Do not overlook this important step and just settle for the cheapest price.

When looking for a supplier there are some things you must investigate:

  • Are they reputable? Do they have a good customer satisfaction rating with no visible signs of unresolved issues? 

  • Do they have a physical location? Even though you may be in the start-up stage of your business you want your supplier to be stable with a solid reputation in the field of tea.

  • Do they offer private label tea service from their location or will it be outsourced to a third party?  Having a one stop shop insures your project is handled in one place without the need to ship products or outsource printing, fulfillment, etc.  Doing this only adds to your costs and reduces your margins.

  • Get samples! You’ll want to get the different suppliers to send you samples of the products. You want to be sure the product quality and packaging design is good so that you are comfortable to sell it on Amazon.

  • Product Quality & Consistency. Try samples and share with friends and family over a 30 day period from various lots of the same product. Do they all taste the same? Can you detect inconsistencies in taste, color, texture, etc.? If so, your customers will too. Product consistency is a primary ingredient for long term success on Amazon or in any business. Customers expect your products will be of the highest quality every time they shop.

  • Your relationship with the supplier is very important, as you’ll likely be ordering more and more products from them for years to come. Make sure you establish good chemistry for a solid business relationship. If good chemistry from the outset of your relationship does not exist then move on.  


2. Create Your Product Labeling, Packaging and Graphics

The next step on how to sell on Amazon FBA is to create your product brand name and labeling. You’ll only want to do this once you’ve found the supplier you want to work with. We do not offer graphic design however, we have recommended sites like with great results.


3. Ungating your account

When selling in the food and beverage category in the grocery section you will need your products approved and verified by Amazon to insure that you are selling a product from a reputable supplier and that you have a consistent and stable relationship with that supplier.  For this process Amazon will require three commercial invoices from your supplier covering a ninety day period indicating you have purchased product from this supplier in each of the last three months.  This is a critical step that must be done correctly or it can lead to many delays in your ability to sell through the FBA platform.  We will work with you to insure this is handled correctly from the start.


4. Set Up Product Listing & Ship Your Inventory To Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Once you’ve been ungated and placed your order and everything is packaged, labelled and ready to go – the

next step is to drop-ship everything to Amazon.

You can set up an Amazon Seller Central account by visiting this page (We recommend Professional account).

You’ll then want to create your Amazon product listing (you should do this while going through the ungating process), and then set up a shipping plan to send product to Amazon.  I also recommend you opt in for Fulfillment by Amazon, so that Amazon will handle the fulfillment for you and ship your product to your customers.

Amazon will give you the details and locations of where to send your inventory to, in which case you’ll have your supplier ship things out for you.


5. Start Selling On Amazon!

Once your listing is up and the inventory has been received, your product is now for sale on Amazon!

It’s now time to market and promote your product, so that you can successfully rank it on the Amazon search engines and start getting sales.

If you’ve done everything correctly (especially found a profitable product), then your product will start selling in no time and will have the potential to make you a lot of money.

Set realistic goals and do not expect too much too fast. It will be critical to garner positive reviews to build your reputation. As this happens more customers will buy from you because you will be a trusted resource.

As you build out your lineup of products keep in mind that as you reach production milestones you may consider adding more teas to your selection.

If you sell 3-5 units of each tea per day at a margin of $10 per unit and you initially have 3-5 products, that is a great start.

If you build out your product line to include 30-50 teas selling 3-5 units per day at $10 per unit that becomes a great business!


Lifetime Tea ships hundreds of thousands of teas to Amazon each year for our many customers worldwide.


We look forward to assisting you.