Offering a Premium Tea Selection= More Satisfied Customers


Give Your Customers The Very Best Tea.





Many restaurants keep tea on hand so that when a customer requests it they have it available.  As a matter of cost and convenience many restaurants offer tea that has been provided by their food service provider. These teas typically consist of ‘tea dust’ which is the lowest grade of tea available. Just like it sounds ‘tea dust’ is literally the tiniest shavings of what was once a full tea leaf. Worse yet, ‘tea dust’ bags are typically packaged in a bleached white paper bag that is sealed together with adhesive.


Since this tea bag consists of only tea dust shavings and artificial flavoring there is no expansion from the leaves so the tea bag remains its current size in the cup.




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Objections For Offering a Premium Tea Selection:


  •  ‘Tea represents only a small portion of our beverage sales therefore it’s not an area of concern for us’


  • ‘Many of our customers are more concerned with coffee and espresso so we focus more effort on that’


  • ‘Liquor sales are most important because it is our most profitable beverage’


  • Tremendous profits are being made by restaurants proactively offering a high quality tea service.





















Servers pro-actively bring the tea presentation box to the table. Your customers experience the sight and smell of these unique teas featuring your business name and logo and a detailed description of each tea on the label.







  • Restaurants that proactively offer tea to their customers sell an average of 300% more tea. *National Restaurant Association


  • Customers tend to order 30% more items when tea is included in their meal; 3.5 items versus 2.7 items, and the average bill is 7.5% higher! **Tea Association of Canada


  • Consumers prefer Lifetime Teas to traditional ‘tea dust’ tea bags. *** Blind Studies conducted in Arizona, California, New Jersey & Pennsylvania


  • Restaurants will double or triple tea sales with the use of our Premium Tea Selection. Guaranteed!


  • All teas offered in your restaurant can also be sold as Private Label Teas on your website.



Our Tea Presentation Box is lightweight, portable, inexpensive and easy for servers to present to guests when making their initial introduction. Your customers will see and smell the fine selection of teas along with a brief description of each tea presented inside the box. Available in Premium Selection or Traditional Blends - Your customers can choose from a unique variety of fine teas they won’t easily find anywhere else. Create your own private label assortment of teas to sell in-house and online that will keep your customers coming back and telling their friends! Tea Presentation Boxes are available in wood or paper and make the perfect gift or keepsake for any occasion.


Order your Tea Presentation Boxes today!


Tetrahedron shaped tea bags made of polylactide (PLA), a bioplastic, shown here. Sealed with glue base adhesive.  

Pyramid Tea Bags made of Soilon which is a bio degradable cornstarch base material. Heat sealed with No Glue or Adhesives.