Double Wall Glass Tea Vessel

Double Wall Glass Tea Vessel

Lifetime Tea proudly introduces our double wall glass tea vessel. Perfect for brewing tea at home on the go or at the office. Brew your favorite tea hot or iced. The borosilicate double wall glass will keep your tea TOASTY and your hands COOL. The stainless steel strainer fits into the water tight lid which screws right onto the tumbler and strains out your tea leaves. Our cap is also water tight to seal in freshness for proper steeping.
If you are new to drinking loose leaf tea this vessel is the best way to see just how easy it is.
If you are a purist who appreciates the subtle nuances of premium leaves then you will enjoy watching as the premium leaves unfurl to their precise specifications.
We believe once you begin using this vessel it will become your favorite tea accessory and a gateway to experiencing some of the best teas on earth.

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    Tea Brewing Instructions:
    1. Remove the cap and strainer lid and add approximately 1 tsp of your favorite tea into the tumbler.
    2. Add hot water to the tumbler and replace the lid and cap.
    3. Allow tea to steep for 3-5 minutes or until the tea reaches your desired preference.
    4. To drink simply remove the cap and drink right out of the tumbler or pour into a cup. When using premium tea you can add more water for a second or third steeping.
    5. For great Iced Teas let the tea steep for 5-10 minutes and then drain half of the hot tea and add ice cubes (we recommend drinking and not draining the hot tea).

    From time to time you can remove the lid and cap and fill the vessel with water and microwave the glass vessel to bring water to a boil (not more than 2 minutes).

    Hand Wash Only

    Our glass tea vessels are available with your company name and logo applied to the inner wall, packaged in a custom printed box.
    Please visit the Wholesale section of our website for more information ordering our custom private label tea vessels.

    Item #: LTTGTT269