Wholesale Private Label Tea



What is Private Label Tea?


Private label tea is the packaging of our vast selection of fine teas into a variety of package options that are labeled with your business name.


We believe that a high minimum order quantity is one of the biggest challenges many small and start-up businesses face. Investing in large quantities of products without knowing how well they will sell is usually a great deal for the manufacturer but not always a good deal for you.

Our relationship based philosophy is simply that it must be win-win. Our success is predicated on the success of your business which is why we encourage you to START SMALL!!

Rather than having a room full of inventory with products that could take weeks or months to sell, put your start-up capital into places like; cash reserves, marketing, web design, social media, giveaways, community events and many other places that will help generate sales and keep your company strong. Our 'start small' model is designed to help you ramp-up production as your sales increase.


Here is how it works:


  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) - 25 units of each tea (a unit is a zip-top pouch of tea)

  • Minimum dollar amount of your total order - $1,200.00

Example -

  • Wholesale price of one unit (packaged in a 50g bag) = $6.00 (retail price $14.00)

  • 25 units of tea to a case = $150.00 per case of one tea flavor.

  • You can launch 8 different teas for the start-up price of $1,200.00.

  • With this model you will only manage as little as 25 units of any one product. 

  • This can be adjusted to 4 different teas with 50 units or 1 tea with 200 units. You get the idea.

Our wholesale product pricing is set up to apply tiered volume discounts to your order at checkout.

For example; If you order 10 cases of teas (250 units) you will receive an 8% discount on your entire order.  Based on the $6.00 per bag example above this discount brings your cost per unit down to $5.52. The more you buy the lower the price.

We handle everything in our full service production facility!

  • Sales/Support - You will work with a Certified Tea Specialist assigned to your account.

  • Customer Service - Available 6 days a week to assist with your project.

  • Label Printing - Premium quality full color custom printing.

  • Packaging - Automated and manual product packaging in our FDA approved facility.

  • Quality Control - Every order is checked for accuracy by our QC Specialists before shipment.

  • Shipping - We drop ship to Amazon, Grocery Stores, Hospitality and Fulfillment Centers. We do not drop-ship individual orders to your customers. 



What you package your tea in is just as important as the tea itself.

Tea must be stored correctly otherwise it will go bad more quickly. When tea goes bad it loses its color, smell and taste.  Fresh tea looks nice, smells nice and tastes amazing. We don't ever cut corners on something so important as packaging.

For this reason our preference of packaging is a zip-top bag made exclusively for tea. This bag is; foil lined so that no light gets in, zip top to keep fresher longer and heat sealed for maximum freshness when the package arrives..

Because we are a relationship business we want to contact everyone we do business with. Future orders can be placed on this site without any direct contact with our representatives. On your initial order we would like to speak with you directly to discuss your business goals and insure we are providing the best product choices to meet your needs.


In order to insure we have the proper foundation for a strong working relationship, we have created a Memorandum of Understanding. This MOU outlines the parameters for our working relationship and should address many of the questions and concerns you may have about getting started in your business. 

Prior to completion of your order we ask that you acknowledge reviewing this form.

As you go through our products please make notes of any questions and contact us directly .

We are committed to your success and look forward to building a great working relationship with you!

How it works:

  • Call us Toll Free (833) 657-0788 to discuss your project or Click here to schedule a phone consultation to discuss your business goals  and to receive a copy of our wholesale pricing.

  • Once you review our products, select the tea(s) you would like to offer in your lineup.

  • Order Samples of the teas you have considered.

  • Choose the packaging that meets your needs.

  • Select the size/weight of the products you would like to offer. We have simplified this process for you.

  • Send us your label template in a jpeg format - We will send you a sample of your label printed on the package you selected. You may also add your logo to one of our sample label templates.

  • Once you approve the label and package we will send you a purchase order.

  • Upon receipt of your deposit we will begin working on your project to meet or exceed the completion date.

  • Your order will be shipped to you or the destination of your choice upon completion and final payment.


Packaging Details


For orders of 50g/1.75oz weight the following label and bag option works best:


Label Design - Gloss finish labels. 

Front Labels measure 4” wide x 3” tall.

Back Label measures 4” wide x 4” tall.


Bags – Each re-sealable polymer bag is 4.3” wide x 8.4” tall, stands upright and holds approximately 50 grams/1.75 ounces of loose leaf tea, or (14) 2.1 gram pyramid tea bags. Each polymer bag is heat sealed for safety and freshness. These bags have a small window on the front and have been designed exclusively for tea.


For orders of 100g/3.5oz weight the following label and bag option works best:


Label Design - Gloss finish labels.

Front and Back Labels measure 4" wide x 4" tall.


Bags - Overall Dimensions of the Bag [L x W x Gusset]:
8 in x 5-1/8 in x 2 in
205mm x 130 mm x 50 mm

These bags are made with a resealable zipper, 5 layer high barrier poly structure and a tear notch for easy opening.

Find these bags in a variety of versatile finished colors listed below. 



Packaging Options - Tins vs Bags


When it comes to creating an impactful impression for your brand 'image is everything' as the saying goes.

A customers initial impression of your product will likely determine if they are going to buy or not.  Often times their decision is based on how your product looks.


If you are planning to sell your products in specialty stores, gourmet grocery stores or supermarkets, tins and other unique packaging can present nicely.


If you are planning to sell your products online and through Amazon then tins may not be worth the cost.


Tins and other fancy packaging looks great however you have to factor the additional costs and added expenses that come with it;


  • Tins cost more to buy (about 75% more) than traditional bags

  • Tins cost more to ship - they weigh more and they take up more space so you have higher packaging costs as well as shipping costs.

  • Tins are more suseptible to damage during shipping. If a customer receives their can with a slight dent they will likely send it back as damaged goods. Now they are upset that the product they ordered is damaged and they have to wait for a new one to be delivered. You then have to pull another tin from inventory and resend it. Adding to your shipping costs and cutting from your profit margin.

  • Tins take up more space for storage

  • Tins require a heat sealed top or must be packaged with a shrink wrap sealed lid or inner package.


Bags are:


  • less expensive

  • easier to package

  • less likely to damage during shipment

  • A better value if you are selling at places like; Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Website



Samples - Every tea order should include samples. Sharing your samples with customers is a great way to cross sell other products and promote your brand.

With each order of tea we recommend an order of samples. Samples are packaged in a 3"x3" foil lined, heat-sealed Kraft package with a 2"x2" private label.


Private Label Design - In an effort to help with your design layout we can add your logo into our standard label template. 


We do not custom design labels.


If you would like to custom design a label we encourage you to work with a graphic designer or do it yourself.

Once your label is completed, send us a high resolution JPEG or TIFF file of your finished print ready label.

This label must be designed to fit the exact size of the label you selected as outlined above.  

Any changes or edits made by our in-house graphics designer are done so at a rate of $75.00 an hour. We will advise you before any changes are made.


Labels versus printing directly on bags.


Printing diectly on bags looks great and will definately create a nice visual impact however, one of the biggest challenges with this option is that it requires a high minimum order quantity (typically 5,000-10,000 units).

In the early staages 




MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity - $1,200.00 - This can be any variation of products based on our wholesale pricing sheet. Our low minimum order requirement is designed to help you launch multiple private label products within your budget. 


Most companies require high minimum orders making it difficult early on to see what products will work out to be your best sellers. 


This high minimum order requirement is because most companies outsource the project to a co-packer and printer.


We handle everything in-house!

  • Our design team

  • Printer

  • Packaging

  • Quality control

  • Shipping

All handled in our Mesa, Arizona corporate office.


Maintaining a strong cash position is critical to insure your business can grow properly.


We believe that starting with fewer units of multiple products will help you 'cast a wider net' to see what products become your best sellers without getting stuck with a room full of inventory.


Put your money into marketing and promotion of your business instead of inventory as you grow.


Our goal is helping you get it right so that your business grows steadily over time instead of creating a one-off order and never hearing from you again. That is simply not how we operate.


Our private label program is designed for scalability which means we can ramp up your production as quickly as you can sell it!


We work very closely with our suppliers to insure sufficient inventory and consistent pricing. If there is ever a time when we antipitate an inventory issue or pricing increase we will pass that on to you immediately.


Like any good business model - the more you buy the lower the price.


Wholesale Pricing - We offer wholesale pricing to individuals who have registered to operate as a sole proprietor or businesses with a Federal Tax ID number, EIN or equivalent.


Drop Shipping - We offer bulk drop shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers, retail suppliers and for minimum orders of 100 units of each tea (or more).

We DO NOT Offer Drop Shipping for individual package tea orders directly to your customers.  

In order to be successful you must connect directly with your customers. Send them a little note, include samples, etc.

This customer connection is lost when it is handled by a third party and it is not part of our philosphy for building a successful business model.

We have reduced our minimum order requirement to make it easy for just about any business to manage a small inventory as your business grows.


Payment – We accept all forms of payment on our secured website.


Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

We stand behind every product we sell. If you are ever not completely satisfied with your order due to a product defect simply return any unopened products for a full refund.

See our Guarantee for more details. 



Ceremonial Matcha


Ceremonial Matcha is available in 30 gram alluminum

tins with a twist off cap and a vacum sealed pull-top. 


Label sizes are as follows:


30 gram tin - 3/4" tall x 7" wide 



Ceremonial matcha is the highest quality stone ground matcha made from shade grown leaves in Japan.


Click on the links for whitepaper on our matcha products:







Flavored Matcha 


Flavored Matcha is made using our premium grade matcha blended with natural flavoring extract and pure cane sugar. 


Huge Profit Margins!




Great when blended in shakes, smoothies, mixed drinks or served hot or iced.  Flavored Matcha is taking the US matcha market by storm as it appeals to the purist and flavored tea drinker alike.



Add Flavored Matcha to your beverage menu and watch your profits soar.



Excellent for; restaurants, fitness centers, cafes, yoga studios.


  8 Keys To A Successful Private Label Tea Business  


  • Know your target market

Are you selling to; millenials, seniors, fitness crowd, detox/dieters, everyday tea consumers, etc.


  • Know your products

Become familiar with every product you sell. Taste it, know the cup color, mouth feel, texture, leaf size, steep time, water temperature for brewing, region, altitude, caffeine content, antioxidant levels, etc.


  • Write a solid business plan

Keep in mind that your business plan is merely a template that will likely change as your business grows. Having a solid business plan helps you clearly define your plan of action. It's up to you to execute the plan!


  • Establish a budget

Do not start this business without a pre-determined amount of money you can invest in your business.


  • Develop a website

Even if you are going to sell on places like Amazon your customers still want to know the source of their products and learn about you and your business. Never underestimate the knowledge of your customers.


  • Create a logo

Do not overthink this simple step. Keep it simple and create an image that best reflects your company name and philosophy.


  • Secure stable and reputable suppliers

Only buy from sources you can trust. Suppliers must have the ability to deliver quality products consistently. 


  • Register your business as a sole proprietor or incorporate

You are unable to obtain wholesale accounts without this. We recommend you consult with a business lawyer to advise you of the option that best suits your plans.