Ginger Powder


Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is known universally for its broad range of health promoting benefits and has risen to be among the top 12 spices most consumed in the United States. Ginger has been valued as a reliable medicinal herb utilized for centuries and is now a widely known therapeutic herb in most parts of the world. Modern scientific research has revealed that ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties including antioxidant effects and the ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory compounds.  

Ginger may possess anti-viral effects thereby supporting immune system health. Ginger is a heating spice and enkindles the digestive fire, burns ama (natural toxins) and supports post meal abdominal comfort.

Gingers therapeutic properties, range from alleviating upset stomach to providing pain relief during motion intensive travel, many of these properties are being substantiated through a vast array of scientific studies.