Welcome to Lifetime Tea


Everything we do we believe should benefit the health and lives of our customers.


We do this by carefully selecting the finest teas grown in the most optimal conditions from growers who provide sustainable wages for their workers.


By carefully selecting sustainable teas and tea accessories we are committed to being good environmental stewards that will allow the planet to flourish for generations to come. 


"Tea isn't just our business, it's our passion."


Selling tea may not be the world's oldest profession, but it's up there! The Tea business spans every continent, ocean and time zone and is layered with nuance, regional customs and trade complications.


Educating our customers in the various products and services we offer while understanding their needs is paramount. By listening to our customers requests we can more effectively offer solutions that best meet their needs. This simple approach has helped us build strong relationships with our many satisfied customers from all around the world.  


When I drink tea as I do many times each day I stay true to the Eastern philosophies of the Japanese tea tradition that encompass the core values of how I run my business and live and enjoy my life.


In Japanese Ikigai (ee-kee-gai) is our zest for life and reason for being. It is that passion that wakes us up in the morning and keeps us going strong. Our job in life is to find our own personal ikigai, our reason for being, and to wake up every day and fulfill that mission.


Tea helps us find our ikigai because tea makes us healthy, focused, relaxed and happy.


I welcome you to shop our extensive selection featuring some of the best teas on the planet and try a sample or two.



Domo Arigato,


Lummy Morishita

President / CEO